"Put a killer stylus in your hand .... Shoot, navigate, signature, paint, draw. "

Introducing the Gun Stylus™ Assault Rifle Edition, a prized addition to every war gamer’s collection.


Brutally efficient. Unquestionably cool. The Gun Stylus™ Assault Rifle Edition gives you precise, optimum, badass control for your favorite mobile games on the latest iPad, iPhone, Android and touch devices. Shoot, paint, draw, signature, navigate … and look freakin’ cool doing it with a Gun Stylus in your hand.     Zombies fear it. Other […]

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Gun Stylus is brought to you by Plow Games, creator of innovative mobile, computer, and online technology gaming and cool gadgets to enrich the user experience. We have worked with some of the largest game publishers and licensee companies. Games include: Last Front: Europe HD, Cubical Golf, Guinness World Record Gamers Arcade [...]

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